PSD to HTML conversion is so important

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Today PSD to HTML and PSD to XHTML play very significant and critical role in web design and web development. Success and failure of any website or web application can also sometimes depend on these basic PSD to XHTML/CSS conversions. If your XHTML code is not perfect or not up to the mark users will move on to other service provider or may be to your competitor. As web design is important as it shows your customers first impression so its XHTML code to search engines like google and yahoo and not to forget even to your customers. If your site does not look good on your customers browser, you could lose a customer forever and even sale.

There are many tools which automate your PSD to XHTML conversion, but so far none of them could produce good results why? As no tool can read your design, these tools cant understand importance of HTML tags and parts of your design that can be one of the critical things that search engines may see. Its always recommended to go for manual PSD to HTML conversion services.Today we even saw automated PSD to Wordpress converters and we did tested one of them and it gave us worst code.

PSD to HTML conversion services are low cost services like $45 for index page and $25 or 50% for each inner page. You dont redesign your website every day, do you? So this small investment can bring down your SEO cost if done in proper way. Your XHTML code should be valid and more importantly should be search engine friendly, should be all latest and one step down browser compatible. Should have proper comments and CSS should be in separate files, all java script should be in separate files, your code should be neat and easy to understand. There should be no unwanted code or unwanted CSS. Your page loading should be very less and this can be only when your code is perfect. Your page loading has major role to play in search engines, SEO and more to your sales. If your page takes longer to download due to bad coding, your customer will not wait he will move on.

There are number of companies like which provide low cost high quality PSD to CSS/HTML conversion services. Remember as site owner or designer your job is not just to go online with best design, it has be to best coded as well. If you ignore this at starting stage you will have to pay a lot in terms of SEO, sales, customers and one or other day come back to recode and pay more then what you would have paid initially. Your XHTML code speaks to your customers and it speaks to search engines. It acts like sales person for you and you know a bad sales person not only loses sale for your site but results in customer lost as well. When you select any PSD to HTML Conversion Company like convert2xhtml give them proper details make sure you and Conversion Company are on same track. Dont rush, as its just initial phase a small delay in coding is acceptable then fast coding with hidden issues.

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